Weed Fabric


Landscape Fabric
3′ x 50′
4′ x 50′
3′ x 100′
3′ x 300′
4′ x 300′
5′ x 250′
6′ x 250′

Glue and Nails

Wall Drain Pro

Vertical Instant Lock Adhesive
Glue Gun

Steel Nails

10″ Spiral Nails
8′ Paver Edging
Hardscape Stair Wall Light

General Landscape Fabric

150W Transformer

300W Transformer

Inground Path Light
Hardscape Lighting
Gator Fabric GFS
Size: 6′ x 100′
Gator Dust (Polymeric Dust)
Used to complete your natural stone patio or walkway.
Colors are grey or beige.
Gator Block Bond

G2 Supersand Bond (Polymeric Sand)
Used to complete your paver patio.
Colors are grey and beige.